Our Goals

Our Goals

After several years of experience in the IT sector, we have decided to transfer the acquired knowledge to our end clients as well. Our goal has always remained the same – to not ruin and always try to justify client’s expectations.

The company as such exists since 2010, while our journey began in distant 1999 when we did the first job out of the competition. We created a fully functional web shop for one IT equipment office. It was a time without smart devices, tablets, lightweight laptops, and with internet speed, if you were lucky, of 56 Kbps. That was a major challenge for us.

That job had set our path, and I can say that every project we did was some sort of a challenge since each of them was designed as a unique solution for a client. We decided that we never recycle existing projects and only do projects from scratch. To put it more clearly, we do not sell a bookkeeping service application under a travel agency application.

The internet as a medium has led to a revolution in communication and business. The user has everything available at a mouse click, fast and easy. We asked ourselves, why should we not use this revolutionary medium in our company’s business?

We gathered a programming team that can make most demanding applications and simultaneously transfer them to a web interface. Our clients from various industries serve as an example.

We set clear goals for ourselves. Help our clients create the best online apps that will enhance their work, ease and speed up daily tasks, thus creating extra time they can target better.

The perennial programming period has led the creation of a large database of various software solutions. In contact with clients, the most sought-after solutions have been highlighted and they are presented on the web page. They make our clients’ work easy and make them stand out of the crowd!

Robert Nadzakovic